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We are a team of professional stylist that believe that healthy hair care should always be prioritized. Our goal is to always ensure that the healthy of your hair is either in good condition, OR we will map out a plan to help you reach your hair goals. 

My name is Rickia and I am the CEO and founder of Pretty Hair Rockz and The Beauty Box (our black owned beauty supply store). It was important for me to create a professional black salon environment. I wanted to create the full experience that keeps clients coming back because they love our energy, we deliver an amazing experience, and they feel like their time is valued. 

We are not a factory style salon. We are a boutique salon that love to engage with our clients and want them to feel like a valued customer and not a dollar amount. Pretty Hair Rockz is built on character and integrity and we take pride in making our clients feel beautiful. If you are looking for a salon that cares about YOU and your hair then you should come sit with us!!!

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