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Embrace your journey: Medical Insurance Coverage for Wigs

Unlock Your Wig Coverage: Empowering Hair Loss Clients with Medical Insurance 

We understand that dealing with hair loss can be a sensitive and challenging experience, which is why we are here to provide you with the support and expertise you need. We are dedicated to assisting you in navigating the complex world of medical insurance coverage for wigs. We work closely with insurance providers to ensure that you have access to the financial support you deserve for your wig expenses. We are committed to helping you gather the necessary documentation, filing claims, and maximizing your chances of receiving coverage. We believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable, regardless of their hair loss journey. That's why we are committed to making the process of getting your wigs covered as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Let us be your trusted partner in this journey of self-expression and empowerment; by allowing us to assist you in getting your wigs covered through your medical insurance.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL of our hair loss clients get full privacy throughout the entirety of their appointment. We use privacy screens from start to finish. 

  • What is a cranial prothesis (medical wig)
    A cranial prothesis (medical wig) is a type of wig that is specifically designed for individuals who have experienced hair loss due to medical conditions or treatments. Medical wigs are often used by cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, individuals with alopecia, or those with other medical conditions that cause hair loss. These wigs are eligible for medical insurance coverage.
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