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Introducing UV Hair Extensions

Welcome to the wonderful world of UV hair extensions!! Here are a few FAQ to give you a better sight to this extension service to see if you may be the perfect candidate. 

What are UV hair extensions? 

UV hair extensions are individual hairs adhered to a clients natural hair using a bonding agent and a uv light to keep the extensions in place. 

Are they safe? 

Yes! Just as most hair extensions- the install and removal process are both very important. We fully protect the clients hair and scalp during the install using a SPF 30 sunscreen that is made to protect the hair and scalp. Essentially this product is what you should be using when vacationing on the beach for your hair and skin.

How long does UV extensions last? 

These extensions last on average for about 12 weeks. However they can last longer- depending on the upkeep at home. 

Can I get them shampooed? 

Yes, however it is suggested that client come into the salon once every 3-4 weeks for shampooing and styling for proper and careful cleaning.  

What is the cost? 

Full installs are $2000 and hair is included. Hybrid options are available and pricing is available upon consultation. 

Are they for me? 

  • Suffer with hair loss in specific areas? 

  • Have fine or thin hair but want to add some fullness and length? 

If you can check off any of the above- this is a WIN for you! 

How do I remove them? 

Install is removed by your stylist using a tool that will use heat to glide hair extensions safely off of the hair. 

Do they shed? 

Normal shedding is expected. Naturally our hair sheds daily- it is healthy! Being as though the individual strands are bonded to your natural hair- whenever that hair strand is due for its natural shedding- extensions will shed with those few hairs. No excessive shedding-shedding is basically the same as your normal day-to-day shedding.

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